The Light on Doubles

A little bit about me….

I am an unabated plant based eater recently on a conversion from the LaLa land world of rabid meat consumption and sugar lovin’. For my existence of 35 years, I spent 34 of those gagging on broccoli and other future delicious vegetables. My taste buds had been crucified by the processed gods, which left my body resistant to the benefits of real food. I am husband to the most beautiful woman in the world and father to my two little knucklehead children (best kids ever).  My passion is endurance activity and testing my limits with ultra distance running and Ironman competitions. This passion has led to my future of being a spokesperson for the plant based community and being a part of the evolution. Fueling with plants is the key to mind and body strength. Imagine a world where that realization has been realized by all.  Let’s be Plant Strong!  Let’s start blogging.



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